• Eskin Makina

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    • Topkapı Maltepe Cad.Canayakın San.Sit. B Blok No:14
    • Bayrampaşa/Istanbul - Turkey
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    Our company was founded in 1970 by our father Arslan ESKIN to produce plastic packaging machines in Istanbul / Topkapi and as a continuation of a company that has become a leading company in the sector with its branded and applied quality products and customer satisfaction oriented service concept that has been created in a short time, ESKİN MAKİNA SAN and FOREIGN TRADE LTD is continuing its production with developing technology and designed new products under the name of ŞTİ ...

    Our company, which presented the machines that it produced to the world market, increased the production capacity due to the intensity of domestic and foreign demand.

    You can contact with us to produce with special design and quality Bag Cutting Machines, Bag Film Machines and Recycling Machines

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