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Dosing System

“ Dosing System ”

PARSCONTROL Gravimetric dosing systems are designed to blend raw materials in the desired ratios in processes requiring efficient mixing and reproducibility at points requiring precision. It is designed to be mounted directly on the machine feed throat with its special mechanical infrastructure which is not affected by vibration. The system, which works with double weight control and continuous weighing principle, continuously controls the gain of the extrusion line. The system can measure and control the extrusion output or use this value to control the line speed. Alternatively, it can perform both functions at the same time. With multi-layer lines, each extrusion efficiency can be measured and controlled to provide a constant layer and layer ratio. PARS Gravimetric dosing systems are equipped with externally integrated vacuum motor loading chambers. It has a fully automatic mixer and vacuum system which can be managed by HMI and controlled by PLC with its high automation technology. The dosing starts with the opening and closing of the pneumatic valves in series and dosing of the raw materials in the first chamber. Upon completion of the mixture, the material taken into the second chamber is blended and introduced into the system. It prepares the desired raw material mixture for each component in the desired ratios and makes it ready for the system.