Plast Turkey


Flexo Printing Machine BMS-1206

“ Flexo Printing Machines ”

• Machine body is made of steel plates.
• The machine offers different printing options as 6-front, 5-front and 1-back, 4-front and 2-back and 3-front
and 3-back.
• Hard chrome-plate on main platens extend their service lives.
• Main platen and tractor comprise servo motor and planet reducer.
• Printing settings can be performed quickly with the PLC control system on the machine
• Quantity and number counter on the PLC screen desired metering or print count can be obtained without
• Fast rotation of forced-shafts with air gun speeds up the operation.
• Block platen bearing system is pneumatic, and block platen detaches is detached from printing by pistons
when the machine is stopped. Screening platen continues to rotate due to the drive from motor, thus drying
of paint is prevented.
• Block platens are grinded and roller bearing locations are hardened.
• Warping and winding stations comprises locking wheel groups and pneumatic shafts. Loadcell platens allows
adjustment of fixed loop control between traction points of warping and winding stations to the desired kg.
• Air brought to desired temperature via the electrical heating system provides drying of imprint on the
material using drying channels. Air speed in drying channels reaches to 3-5 m/sec. This speed is adjusted via
vents on the resistance case absorption direction.